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Some days and weeks I went the whole day with only a piece of toast. I would move my dinner around the plate and put it in the fridge for someone else the next day. That was a big sore spot with Paul and of course we would argue. He said I wasn’t eating enough and I would argue that I had to eat last so everyone else could eat. If there was enough I could eat.

When we would get an extra twenty dollars in a week I would run to the store and buy protein. Buying meat on a bone meant I could use the bones to make stock. We had broth in the house and there were times when we would have six containers of broth in our freezer. Adding rice to the broth could make that one piece of meat our food for two weeks instead of one. Broth was our protein and I got creative. I added sour cream and cheese to rice cooked in broth for Special Rice for the children. We ate that a few times a week and when the sales were right we would also have ground beef in our Special Rice.

Chefs often recommend making your own stock. It is more flavorful and uses more of the meat and bones. For us it was a cheap source of protein to feed our growing children. I did what I could to feed my family. If that meant I did not eat then so be it. That was fine as long as the children were healthy and full. Sometimes I wouldn’t eat anything for a day or two. Life is tough when you haven’t eaten in two days and are still too embarrassed to go to the food bank. In those days I couldn’t tell you where to find a food bank.

If we were in that situation again I would go simply to keep my family fed and myself healthy. Survival.


The Cipolla Project: Quicksand the Book

Guest post by Anne McAuley, McAuley Freelance Writing

I met Karen at a networking group in Arizona, far from Connecticut where we both grew up. Turns out her husband Paul went to high school with my best friend. Crazy how life happens and how people, places and situations are brought together.

As Karen and I shared our stories it became clear The Cipolla Story was one that had to be told. Our “random” meeting was more than likely part of God’s plan and not coincidence. The Cipollas had gone through losing a family business, losing homes in foreclosure, losing friends, losing material things to Karen nearly losing her life after the birth of their youngest a daughter named Emily.

Karen and I sat in a coffee shop in Gilbert, AZ for our first meeting and at the end I asked, “Do you feel there is light at the end of the tunnel?” After all it had been just a year or so since they had begun a life in Arizona.

Karen replied with her signature smile and said, “Honey, we’re IN the light! We climbed out of a well and are standing on top of the world!”

So here we are launching a blog that is part of a book. The book is part of a story that needs to be told around the world.

Thank you, Karen and Paul, for trusting me to tell your story.

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