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Full Circle & Mommies who Drink Beer

Tugging my pants he said, “Officer Paul, my mommy drinks beer every day” and walked away.

Wow. These kids just saw their dad beat their mom and get hauled off to jail. Their mom got taken to the hospital. They have no food, no furniture and no parents.

As I sat at home around our big screen television in one of our two living rooms on a set of brand new couches I told my roommates about my adventures.  We kind of laughed at them. How could someone not have enough food or even furniture?  How sad.

Several years later the joke would be on me. I would be sitting in a living room/kitchen with dishes in a sink waiting to be washed because we had no dishwasher.  Plywood was exposed because some tiles were missing.  We had couches but they belonged to our landlord. We had lost ours in an eviction. Our three children slept in the same bedroom. There wasn’t much food in the fridge and I kept looking out the window for a tow truck to take my minivan.

Life can definitely come full circle.


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