The Quicksand Story

Our story through the quicksand of our own financial crisis

600 Bucks Short

This time was different.  I had cars yanked 3 times before.  But every other time I had some warning.   Either it was just so far behind that it was inevitable or I saw them pull up the street and down the driveway.  I always had the time to pull my personal effects out of the car.  I remember it as if it were yesterday.  It was June and since we couldn’t afford the AC on our windows were open.  I remember I lay their dreaming.  I heard the truck pull up to the driveway and back in.  I heard his truck door open and I heard him start to leave.  But I didn’t move.  I was still asleep.  It was as if I was having and “outer body experience” you know one of those mornings that you’re still asleep but you’re dreaming that you’re on stage dancing like a rock star to Sheena Easton.  Only to find have some dude chime in with the morning traffic report and you unfortunately wake up to realize you were dreaming to your clock radio.  Only problem this time is when I woke up I still herd the truck.  I jumped up out of bed only to look out the window and see the tow truck put on his yellow strobes and turn right out of our driveway with my truck on top.  I almost threw up.  I had so many things rushing though my head.  Oh my god what will my neighbors think, did they see,  what did I have inside, would they know I worked for AWD, I just got it washed, worse…I just filled it up with gas, even worse…did they see my mini-van and were they going to come back for that one later.

I jumped in the shower and was out the door in a matter of 10 minutes.  I knew that sometimes they would stage there repo’s in parking lots then grab another an tow one on the bed and one behind.  I didn’t want him to show back up and grab my mini-van too.  If I could have chosen one car for them to take it would have been the mini-van.  We have three kids and they are slobs.  They would have filled up 10 bags pulling all the stuff out of that van.  I am sure they would have stuck to a few things in there as well.  So I left Karen and the kids at home and I drove off to work and show up a little early.  Once again Karen was there to deal with something alone.  We spoke on the phone but it’s not like being there.

Later that day I called Ford.  The only way I could get the truck back was to pay it off.  I tried to just make it current.  I could have done that on Friday, I wouldn’t have had much food for a week but hey we have had less.  They wouldn’t budge.  They wanted it all or nothing.  I tried to speak to a supervisor.  They wouldn’t let me.  I couldn’t afford an attorney so I just let it go.  I gave up.  In the end I got a bill from Ford for $399.00.  The balance after the auction.  It’s just another thing to clean up.


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