The Quicksand Story

Our story through the quicksand of our own financial crisis

Step By Step

Life is difficult. The bill collectors are calling and you are worried about making your mortgage, you are worried about paying for your car. You wonder how you will get through another tiring day.

I remember the days of being afraid to answer the phone for fear of who would be on the other side. The tactics that are used by bill collectors are emotional warfare. They intentionally call repeatedly; they intentionally are verbally abusive, they intentionally lie to you; all with the purpose to scare you into paying their bill. It doesn’t matter to them that you have $100 left and you need to feed your family. They Don’t Care! They use these tactics to wear you down and break you apart emotionally. They do it so that they get their money.

There were days where I felt if one more person called I would jump. I couldn’t because my children mean too much to me but he thought did cross my mind. On those days I put one front of the other and focused on that just to get through the day. Was I depressed? YES! But I had 3 children to take care of. I have even had collections agents call me scum, and tell me I did not earn my degree because I couldn’t pay the bill. It doesn’t matter that their demands were so inflated that there was no hope of even paying.

Having grown up in a family that values paying your bills and your credit score it found it difficult at best to handle what was said on the other side of those phone calls. I had difficulty until I realized one thing. Step by Step.

God will not judge me for not paying my bills, but he will judge me for not feeding my children and educating them and keeping them healthy. Ultimately what do these collectors mean to me? Even my family, what do they mean? Nothing, if I can’t live with myself. One step at a time.

First step….  Take care of my family. Second step…. Keep a roof over our heads and food on our backs. Third step…. Keep the car. I began to look at life in simple steps. Each step is important on its own, but if you skip steps you will fall.

First Step, feed my family, take care of them. I focused on this and I began to move out of the depression. I am not saying don’t pay the bills, I am saying that there are more important things than your credit score. When I let go of that the collectors did not have such an impact on me. They will get paid in due time when all the other things are taken care of. Family, home, transportation, job.

Step by Step.


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