The Quicksand Story

Our story through the quicksand of our own financial crisis

Trash Talking

I had been self-employed but we needed the money. We were going to lose another house if we didn’t start bringing in cash.

A dispatching position was posted in the New Times. While it was a bit beneath me I needed a paycheck. I was mentally exhausted and in no shape to handle a management position in spite of all of my jobs having been in management. Even in college I was a manager not just an employee. Having management experience meant I could handle high stress situations and employee conflicts. Not to mention I liked a challenge and needed my head to be anywhere except at home with bills piling up.

With only a phone number listed in the ad I did a reverse phone number search online. The name of the company was Diversified Waste Disposal. That was about all I found while sleuthing online but I made the call.

I spoke Rick C. and scheduled an interview with Rick and his colleague Bobby G.. At the interview they treated me well and asked about my resume. I had a lot of experience and they asked if I would eventually be looking to move up the corporate ladder. I said yes. They explained that there would be some room for advancement in the near future. I thought they were just talking about expansion and no idea that ¾ of the management team would be going to jail in the near future. Talk about trash…

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