The Quicksand Story

Our story through the quicksand of our own financial crisis

Pit of Doom

I want people to know that just because you make some mistakes you are not a bad person.  Bankruptcy, foreclosure, repossession, eviction are not things that make you a bad person.  Bad things happen to good people.  Don’t judge yourself by the events that happen in your life.  Learn from them.  Take the lessons and make yourself stronger and smarter, and don’t give into the negativity.  By participating in the negativity you will only make it worse.  Some of the best time you can spend is to learn to change your mind set.

Negativity is like a pit of doom that can be very difficult to get out of and it can be the very definition of hell.

Everyone has their version of a Quicksand Story.





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2 thoughts on “Pit of Doom

  1. Laurie Williams Dora on said:

    Hi Karen! It makes me feel better to know that we are not the only ones in this situation. My husband ran his own business and I was working. We had it all.. Now his business is gone… Business loans to pay and I an the only one working. But, like you, I refuse to let it ruin our family. We will get through this as a family!

  2. Paula Rodgers on said:

    You know what you and Paul have already done for our family. You have shown us a light that I didn’t know existed. You and Paul are an inspiration and people that I already hold dear having only known you such a short time. There are so many good times ahead for both our families. Knowing you, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Much love and positivity.

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